78: Singles Party

Last night I went for a drink with a friend. Because she is a single, like me, we decided to go to a Singles Party. Our goal was not to go hunting, but to see what a Singles Party is like, what people come to these parties and if singles realy find eachother there. I had never been to a Singles Party, so this was My First. The party was held in the bar Blender in Rotterdam. My visit to Blender was also A First, nice place! We entered the establishment when the party was already two hours on its way. There were about 30 people talking with eachother. It was great to see almost everybody was talking with someone. Only a few men were just looking around, maybe because they were building up courage to go to a woman to talk, or maybe because there were more men than women. Towards the end of the party more and more people went home, and as the crowd got smaller, we started talking to the last ones. This was actualy very nice. I expexted a more tense atmosphere, but in stead all people were frindly, open and outgoing. These Singles Parties are nice to go, even if you are not single. I would certainly consider going again!

Source picture: http://www.cityguiderotterdam.com/nl/uitgaan/clubs-en-bars/blender-rotterdam/


77: Family Coat of Arms


I live in Rotterdam, but I am not born and raised here. My son is, he feels like he his a real ‘Rotterdammer’ and is a great fan of Feyenoord. You know our last name is Ruijgrok. There is a society, ‘Vereniging Ruychrock History’, which does research on the family history of all Ruijgroks (whichever orthography is used). It also publishes a website (http://www.vereniging.ruychrockhistory.nl/ned/) on which all findings can be found. I was reading this site with my son and we stumbled on a story about the City Coat of Arms of Rotterdam and the famliy Ruijgrok. It seems the colour green in the City Coat of Arms is taken from the Family Coat of Arms of the Ruijgroks who lived in Castle Weena. The City of Rotterdam wanted to add the land of this castle to the city and in return the family demanded they changed the colour red in the City Coat of Arms to green, from the Family Coat of Arms. The City of Rotterdam has a flag which is green because of the colour in the City Coat of Arms. So in short: I am (my family is) responsible for the colour green in the flag of Rotterdam. This is My First influence on the history of a city! Who can also say that?

Source picture: http://www.engelfriet.net/Alie/Hans/kasteelweena.htm


76: My Son’s Exams

I did my exams a long time ago. I remember I was getting more nervous as the exams were getting closer, but on the exams themselves I wasn’t nervous at all. I guess my body has a good functioning system on nervousness, turning it up and down when it is most needed. The last few weeks my son did his exams, My First exams as a father. This time I was really nervous, maybe even more nervous than him. He says he did them quite well, so I am confident now. We still have to wait 1 or 2 weeks for the results. Exiting times! To be honest I think he made it and will graduate without a resit. Like every parent I hope he will do better than me in life, and will graduate with better grades than me. But I would be most happy if he just tries as hard as he can to be the best he can be. As long as he is happy about his performances and choices.
You hear stories about parents pushing their children to be better than they can, or even holding them back so they won’t be better than themselves. Both type of parents should stop thinking about themselves and start putting the interest of the child above their own.
I hope they do.

Source picture: http://www.the-iss.com/2009/07/iss_mailbag_instant_diplomas.php