75: Waved Twice

Travelling back from Brussels we both took another train. Our trains left about 20 minutes apart. I took the regular train and she took the Thalys. My train left first so she walked me to my train and waited for it to leave. She stayed on the platform to wave me goodbye. When the train started moving she walked with it, going faster and faster to wave as long as possible. This was a funny sight. Especially the German people who sat next to me. You could tell from their faces they hadn’t seen something like this before. Crazy Dutch people… Later on I had to switch trains at Atwerp. When I got to my platform in Antwerp to wait for my connecting train, which would leave 30 minutes later, I saw another train entering the station on he same platform. To my surprise it was the Thalys. Could she be in this one? I walked along the train and did find her! This was a nice coïncedence. Now I had the oppertunity to return the favor. This time I waited for her train to leave and walked/ran besides her train to wave her goodbye as long as possible. This was funny doing and even more funny because we both did it to eachother. We both Waved Twice on both sides of our train windows. This was My First double wave on one trip. Try planning that!

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