74: New Dances

I know I am not the best moving person on a dance floor, I don’t have the most flexible body or elastic limbs. I do like to dance. I did go to the Disco in my younger days, where I danced to Disco, Pop and Ska. And I did a Ballroom dance class and a Rock n Roll dance class in my teens. And as I told you in earlier blogs, I am in a Rock n Roll dance class now. But in Brussels I learned two new dances at the Jam in Jette festival. Both during the performance of La Fanfare En Petard. First I was introduced to Dub-music and the Dub-step, I guess that is what is was though. It was nice to watch the people around me doing some great moves and trying them myself! I also joined a Ska-pit. I had never heard of that, but had seen something like it before. I don’t know if I did it right, but I just started jumping with the crowd and let me be pushed around, while pushing the others away. I never thought this could be that much fun! I must give the young people of Brussels a compliment of the respectfull way they danced with me and eachother. Dancing like this could easlily turn into nasty scenes, but nothing like that happened. Pushing is the game, but falling people were always helped up, and no hard feelings when you hurt eachother. Great experience and a mayor First for me.

Source picture: http://www.myspace.com/tommygun11


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