73: Jam in Jette

Being in Brussels was great. The most memorable experience, and a multiple First for me, was the festival Jam in Jette. On the first day in Brussels we had seen a poster of this festival, so we decided to visit it on our second day. We arrived in the afternoon and visited the Solidair Village first. A display of stands of organizations with care for human rights, the environment and solidarity. After having some nice fair trade coffee we watched a band of musicians from different cultures, called Kel Assouf. They made some really nice swinging music. Although I couldn’t understand the lyrics I enjoyed the music a lot. After a walk to the Atomium we went back to Jam in Jette to see some more bands. First we watched the reggae band Abdou Day. Nice reggae, although I think reggae is nice for one or two songs, not half an hour. It gets to monotonous. The last band playing was La Fanfare En Petard. What a great experience! It is a band of six men, playing a Trombone, a Trompet, a Saxofoon, a mobile drumkit, a mobile Kettledrum and (off course) a Microfoon. They played a mix of Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Dub. I had never heard such great music. We watched the whole show and danced a lot (see my next blog!). All in all Jam in Jette was an experience with multiple Firsts for me!

Source picture: http://www.jam-in-jette.be/index_nl.html#scene_nl.html


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