71: Long Distance

When I think about Long Distance, I think about the marathon for instance. This is 42km of running, seeing how fast you can run the distance. It’s all about finding your pace at wich you feel comportable, which you can keep for the distance, at which you don’t have too much energy left at the end. This is the challenge. Walking a Long Distance to me is walking for a few hours, so 15km, maybe 20km. That was the longest distance I did. Last weekend I went to Brussels, as I told you. We decided to walk through the city and try to see as much of Brussels as we could in that weekend. We started on Friday with a guided tour by our Couch-Surf-host Jan and ended the day at his house. All day we carried our full backpacks. We had a Tracker running on a cellphone, it said we walked 20km that day. Wow! Nice going! Next day, Saturday, we planned on seeing the Atomium. We decided to take a long route through the many beautifull parks in Brusels. On the way we found a nice festival (see upcoming blog!), which we visited again on our way back. At the end of the day the Tracker said: 35km. Damn, that’s a lot! Sunday we went on our way with our full backpacks again to see some more of Brussels and ending up at the train station: yet another 15km. So we did 70km in one weekend… That’s really a First for me, I didn’t know I had it in me! Me proud!

Source picture: Me!


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