70: Piano Concerto

Going to concerts is a nice thing to do. I love being in the crowd, cheering for the band or artist and enjoying the music. The atmosphere makes me feel alive and forget everything else, at least for a while. It also gives me great memories to go back to when I want to feel the same again. These concerts I went to were of bands or artists I realy like, Micheal Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Tears For Fears. I never did go to, or end up, at a small instrumental concert. Until now. This weekend I stayed at my Couch-Surf-host Jan in Brussels. He made us a nice dinner. While preparing it he sat down at his piano and started playing some great jazzy songs. Some were soft and beautifull, some were Boogy-Woogy. It was admiring to see how much passion he put into playing the piano. You could see his face light up when seeing his listeners enjoying his music, even if it was just for a crowd of two. Great experience, and My First private Piano Concerto!

Source picture: http://ridgwick.com/buying-a-piano.php


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