69: Couch Surfing

Most of My Firsts are unplanned, they come to me when I least expect them, they are a complete surprise. This is why I like them so much. Sometimes I have a planned My First. This I like too, because I am trying to enrich my life with new experiences. This is certainly the case with Couch Surfing, allthough when I first heard of this I had different thoughts than the actual concept. I wondered how a couch could be used for surfing. Is a couch water resistant or sea worthy? Does it have enough float capacity for surfing? Is it manoeuvrable enough for hitting the waves? Later I learned the concept behind it. Last weekend I even experienced it and went Couch Surfing with my dear friend Ruth in Brussels! I thought it would be like crashing on someones couch and be gone in the morning. I guess it is used like that, but I experienced something different. My couch-host left us at his house for the weekend with a key and went his own way. He wasn’t there most of the time. I admire such trust in us, after all we are complete strangers to him. He did even guide us through Brussels the first day and made us dinner. What a hospitality!
I love the Belgians.

Source picture: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.couchsurfing.mobile.android


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