68: Loud Directions

As I told you in my last blog I travelled to Brussels by train. I took the cheap-ass way and had to change trains twice. The first change was in Rossendaal and the second one in Antwerp. The switch from the Dutch railways to the Belgian railways is taken care of by NS HighSpeed. In Rossendaal this switch was made, I had to change to a Belgian train. Riding to Roosendaal I was wondering if I was able to find this Belgian train in time, because I only had 4 minutes to change trains. I did look up the platform numbers of arriving and departing trains, so I was prepared. But I wasn’t prepared for the service I encountered at Roosendaal… On arrival I got off the train and heard some people shouting out loud. The second time they shouted I could hear what they were saying, they shouted: ‘CHANGING TO BELGIAN TRAIN HERE! TRAIN TO ANTWERP HERE!’ All I had to do was follow the voices to find my connecting train to Antwerp. Along the way I saw several people in NS HighSpeed jackets, shouting like they thought I was deaf. This was My First experience of such service on a train platform. I know for sure I will travel with NS HighSpeed next time again! But probably will bring my earplugs 🙂

Source picture: http://www.spoorforum.nl/spoorforum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4843&start=64


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