67: Public Transportation

A couple of years ago my employer gave me a company car, which I am very happy with. Before that I had my own car. There was no need for using Public Transportation. The last time I used the train was before we had the Strippenkaart. Some time ago the Strippenkaart was cancelled and replaced bij the OV-kaart. There is no other way to use Public Transportation without the OV-kaart. Last weekend I went to Brussels (read my upcoming blogs about this trip!) and I didn’t want to take my car and pay a lot of parkingfairs. So I took the train. The biggest downside of Public Transportation is that it doesn’t stop in my front yard. I had to take the metro to Rotterdam CS first. This was where I needed an OV-kaart, My First OV-kaart. I went to the metro station, to the counter of RET and asked for an OV-kaart. I also asked how it worked, because I hadn’t been on Public Transportation for quite a while. The man from RET said: Don’t change that! I wonder if he realized that if every customer did that, he would be out of a job… I didn’t want that, so I bought My First OV-kaart anyway.

Source picture: http://www.ns.nl/reizigers/ovchipkaart


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