65: Fast Tyres

People have the luxury of moving from house to house when they are tired of living in their current home, or when it is time to find your First own home. Unlike snails their house is not a burdon they have to carry it around their entire lives. It takes most people a long time to come to the decision to move, because they tend to get attached to their homes. The strange thing is when they have decided to take this step, they want to take it as fast as possible. So moving is a stressfull event with a lot of haste. In this haste things go wrong, people make decisions too quick, stumble over items and forget things. So we need to be slown down. When I was helping a friend moving to her new apartment I found a subtle way to slow me down. I was using a trolley to move the washing machine upstairs, but before I could use it, I had to inflate the tyres. I always look on the tyre for information about the inflation level. But when I did, I didn’t find the inflation level, but a clue for slowing down. The clue on the tyre was: Not for highway use… Really? They warned me not to use the trolley on the highway. I guess because the tyres can’t cope with speeds over 70 km/hr. Like I can run that fast with a trolley. I wonder which bright guy thought this up…

Source picture: Me!


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