64: Book Presentation

I like to read books, prefferably thrillers, fantasy stories, archeologic thrillers and horror stories. Lately most of my reading is in my study books, but when my bachelor study is done I hope to read my favorits again. I know that before I can read these books someone had to take the effort to write them. This takes longer than I take to read them. And when the writing is done, the book has to be presented to the world, so people know its out and can read it. I was never at a Book Presentation. So being there a few weeks ago was a First for me. This Book Presentation for a horror story was in a little shack somewhere in Rotterdam, no larger than a big living room. In this living room there was a rock band, playing some nice loud rock music. Later I learned that a few of the guests and the complete rock band were characters in the horror story. It turned out to be a great evening with loud music, good friends and lots of laughs. I guess if every Book Presentation is like this, with a live band, I would stalk them all! I do wonder which rock band would come to play at the Book Presentation of the new Nijntje…
Anyway this book: ‘Zwart Bloed’ by Shirley-Ann is out!

Source picture: me!


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