63: Mini Brain

For quite a while I had a little zit sitting on my right legg. The zit wasn’t growing anymore for a few years, it wasn’t hurting, tickling or bothering me. So I had no reason to do anything about it. And because it was on the backside of my legg, I couldn’t see it either. So most of the time I wasn’t even aware of its exsistance. The last few months it did start to bother me. I always have my wallet in my back pocket and when I was wearing a pair of jeans with a little lower back pockets, the zit started to hurt a little. So I looked in the mirror and was amazed by its size. It grew to the size of a large pea and looked like a little peace of brain, my Mini Brain. This is when I decided to give my Mini Brain its freedom. It was time for him tot stand on its own and find its own way in the world. Daddy has taken care of him long enough now. I had a lovely female doctor cut it loose. A friend of me was instantly interested in my Mini Brain and asked if she could have the little fellow. Unfortunately the lovely doctor wouldn’t let go of him and kept him for herself. Too bad for my friend. Mini Brain: Have a good life with the lovely doctor!

Source picture: Me!


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