62: Square 1

As you know I am currently doing my graduation project. I had a great assignment from my manager and was on my way to define the real problem. After defining the problem I have to design my research and offcourse do the research. But after defining the problem we determined the problem wasn’t suitable for graduation, so we had to go back to my manager for a new assignment. Luckily my manager understood my problem and was willing to change the assignment and now we have a new one. So I am happy about that. But this situation did put us back to Square 1 and six weeks later. Now we have only 10 weeks to do our graduation project in stead of 16. This is actualy My First real setback in my study so far. So I’ll go back quickly to define the problem again and go further from there. This is the main reason I am not blogging daily anymore, I hope you don’t mind and understand my choice to spend my time studying. I’ll try to post a blog every now and than, but I’ll propably won’t reach 365 at the end of this year. Too bad… See you soon!

Source picture: http://alotonmyplate.blogspot.nl/2012/04/back-to-square-1.html


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