61: Speed Tickets

I know it is not allowed to exceed the speed limits on the roads. I know a lot of people do it anyway because they know where the speed traps are located, so they can drive fast without getting a fine. The Dutch Government Agency for the Roads (RWS) decided to install a new speed trap on the A4 between The Hague and Leiden. The speed limit on this piece of highway is 100km. It was never a problem to exceed this, but since a few weeks it is. As I am travelling up and down to Amsterdam a lot lately, I pass this piece of freeway frequently. You guessed it, I got a speed ticket. I had driven 4km to fast… It is my own fault, so I take it like a man. In that same week I got another speed ticket, for the same piece of highway, on a different day. And another one… Now I have five! All for 4, 5 or 6km to fast. Luckily I stopped speeding after I got the first one, but the other four where already on their way. I know, I shouldn’t drive too fast, but five speed tickets? GRMPF@#&% Not a My First I am proud about…

Source picture: http://www.autoblog.nl/archive/2011/03/09/trajectcontrole-op-de-a4-werkt-niet


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