60: Making Mayonaise

I’ve always known making Mayonaise is a tricky job, but I never tried it. So I didn’t realy know what the tricky part is. This time I was visiting a dear friend and stayed for dinner. Like a good guest I asked if I could help preparing dinner. I got a cookbook with the explanation how to make Mayonaise. It didn’t look that hard. Just mix egg yolk with some salt, pepper and mustard. Add a little vinigar and mix it. I used a fork to mix it all, which is more basic than using a mixer. After mixing this you add a little olive oil, drop by drop, while mixing, until the substance binds and thickens. When this happens you can add more olive oil, mix it, and the mayonaise is ready! But in my case the substance didn’t bind and thicken. Not even after 20 minutes of mixing with the fork. Too bad, we had to throw everything away. With good spirits we tried it a second time, with the same result… But we decided to try the mixer anyway, and this did work. The substance did bind and thicken. After adding more olive oil we had a nice mayonaise. I guess I’m not the basic cook, fixing food with the basic utilities. Using the modern equipment is more my thing! Nice to know My First self made Mayonaise turned out fine! Maybe next time I’ll try making Ketchup.

Source picture: Me!


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