59: BOUT

In the 80’s there was a special kind of dance place you could go to. They would play all the great songs from the 80’s, the new songs in those days. It was a place for young people to go to on a Saturday evening, to go dancing. But not just dancing like in any other disco. This was a Roller Disco and it was in Scheveningen. The dance floor was a roller track, everybody was wearing roller skates and was rolling to the music. All the rest was the same like any other Disco, the music, the crowd, the drinks, the fun, all great. I’ve never seen any other dance place like that since then. Until I went to My First Roller Bout in Rotterdam last weekend! This was a Roller Derby game, where two teams of lovely ladies were competing eachother on the track to score points. This is done by passing the other team members and to do this physical contact is used. Shoulder pushes, hip banging, elbow wrestling, it is al allowed. Not the same dancing I remembered, but great to watch! The music was a little diferent too, a little more Rock. Still I had a memory flash to the 80’s. The game was between the home team Deathrow Honeys and the visitors from Metz, France. It was the first international Bout in the Netherlands, so it wasn’t just My First. It was a great experience and something to go to again for sure. Great performance, ladies!

Source picture: Me!


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