58: Bootcamp Rotterdam

You know I do bootcamps regularly, once every one or two weeks. As I am not an experienced bootcamper, I do these bootcamps with an instructor and dear friend of mine, Ruth. Up until now these bootcamps were always in her hometown Moordrecht. This was convenient for her and gave other people who wanted it the oppertunity to join in. These bootcamps are always on Sundays. The last few weeks the Sundays were all taken by other obligations, so the bootcamps couldn’t take place. We decided to do some bootcamps on Tuesday evenings, and that these bootcamps should take place in Zuiderpark in Rotterdam. This is close to my home. The two reasons were that it would be nice to have a new surrounding and that a few of the interested people for joining in all live in Rotterdam or close to it. Last Tuesday was the First bootcamp in Rotterdam. Although Zuiderpark is a big park, we didn’t go far into it. We stopped at some fitness equipment in the park, which was placed by the City for everyone to use. It was such a nice place to do our exercises we decided to stay there for the whole bootcamp. I do thank the City of Rotterdam for investing in these wonderfull equipment. We did put them to good use!

Source picture: http://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/19-11-2012/gratis-fitness-zuiderpark-uitgebreid


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