57: Paleo Chicken

In my last post I told you about me buying an ovenproof dish to cook dinner for my friend. This post is about the meal itself. My friend suggested I could cook a Paleo dinner for her. So I looked it up on the internet and learned about the Paleo way of preparing a meal. This was a First for me. It all looked a little tasteless because of the things you have to leave out of the meal, like potatoes, rice, bread or pasta. I wasn’t sure it would turn out to be a nice dinner. At that point I decided not to be a Chicken, but to buy some Chicken for dinner. I chose a recepy for a nice chicken oven dish, paleo style, and started preparing the dish. The recepy was quite easy, so even an unexperienced cook like me could follow these instructions. After doing the preparations I put it in the ovenproof dish and in the oven. When my friend arrived the dish was almost ready and a nice smell of the meal filled up my house. The most exciting time was when she started eating it and told me it was delicious! And I had to agree, it was delicious. So I learned a few things. I am not a bad cook and a Paleo dinner can be very tasty!

Source picture: http://www.hetpaleoprincipe.nl/ovenschotel_kip.html


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