56: Ovenproof Dish

I am a man living alone, taking time for my son, having a busy job, studying in the evenings, doing sports and like to spent time with my friends. All this together gives me little time for home related activities like cooking. So most of the time I eat a ready-to-eat dinner from the grocery shop or convenience food from one of the many food shops in town. I hardly ever take the time to cook a dinner. This only happens when my son is staying over. For that case I do have some cooking equipment. What I didn’t have in my kitchen so far was an Ovenproof Dish. I never had the urge to cook an oven made dish. This week I had a friend over to go sprting together and I promised her to make dinner. This was the time for me to try an oven dish. So for the First time ever I bought me an Ovenproof Dish, without knowing if I was able to prepare an oven dish. Buying this Ovenproof Dish and promising my friend a good meal were the drive for me to try it anyway, with the risk of spoiling dinner for both me and my friend. This post is about me buying the Ovenproof Dish. How the oven dish turned out is my next First in my next post! See you there.

Source picture: Me!


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