55: Goodbye and Birth

birth and death
A few days ago my internet modem stopt working. And even after resetting it a few times, which usually solves the problem, it still didn’t work. At that point I realized how much the internet is a part of our lives these days, and how much it consumes our time. I also realized how little I missed the internet. I got some extra time to do other things which I was planning on doing for a long time, like reading a good book. But I couldn’t leave the situation like it was, because I do use the internet a lot, for work, for school and for my social contacts. So I called the helpdesk of KPN and after a few tests from their end they offered to replace the modem and declared it death… At this point I started thinking about what to do with the remaines of my modem, which was a loyal friend to me for the last four years. Today the service guy from KPN came to bring a new modem, like the stork brings a new baby. A new modem was born! He asked me what I wanted to do with the old, deceased modem. I decided to donate its remaines to science and let him take it with him in a box. After these emotional events I’m back online again!

Source picture: http://www.gitagroup.org/2012/07/achieve-only-repeated-birth-and-death.html#!/2012/07/achieve-only-repeated-birth-and-death.html


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