54: World News

Todays World News was not the first time I experienced it, and it won’t be the last time either. Still, the election of a new Pope is a unique happening. How they hold on to ancient procedures and old fashion ways of doing things, can be commented on. Time is moving on, the world is changing, technology is moving foreward, new features are introduced and widely excepted. But the election of a new Pope is done exactly the same way as they did it hundreds of years ago: With pieces of paper and the burning of them to create a certain colour of smoke. I think it is awsome these old ways still are being used. The moment of reveiling the new Pope to the world was a first for me. It happened during class for my graduation project. Because our teacher didn’t want to miss this moment, we watched it live in the classroom. So we lost half the time to the Pope. I should be disapointed about losing contact time with my teacher, but to be honest I’m glad I saw this historic moment live on TV. Next time a new Pope will be elected I’ll try not to be at school at the same time.

Source picture: http://www.nodeju.com/


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