53: Random Factor

Random, now what is that exactly? The word means an unpredictable outcome, something you can’t know in advance, something you can’t reproduce a second time. This post is about this strange word. It starts with ‘Ran’, which is the past tense for Run. So it implies getting to the outcome might be a race, you have to be quick about it. And it has already happened… The second half is ‘Dom’, which in Dutch means stupid or ignorant. So getting a random outcome is a mindless run in the past. Or maybe ‘to’ the past. Which would be impossible according to the way we explain the laws of nature. But maybe we don’t take the ‘Random Factor’ in account when we try to understand nature. For instance: Time. We assume time is something that continues forever and a point in time comes only once and can never be returned to. Is that really the case? Believing this makes life more simple to understand, but there are still some phenomena which are unexplained. Maybe using the ‘Random Factor’ these can be explained. Thinking about these things makes me creative, sorry if I’ve bored you with it. I do hope you like trying to follow my thoughts!

Source picture: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/sudoku-random-criss-crossed-lines-ron-brown.html


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