52: Cold Satisfaction

This ‘My First’ I have been looking out for for some time now. Almost every thursday evening for the last six months I have been going to rowing practice. The first practices we rowed in a actual rowing boat, but as the darkness came earlier every evening we had to stop going on the water. It would be to dangerous in the dark. So we continued our practices inside, on the rowing machines. Tis is where we could focus on our technique and our endurance. But this weekend we entered the Heineken Roei-Vierkamp, a regatta organised by Heineken (no surprise…). We entered the Company 8 class, as we are a company team from my employer: Croon. Last year our team was the national winner of the Company 8 class, so we are defending our title this year. This regatta was My First rowing race! We had some very nice weather this week, but we were unfortunate the weather turned for the worse on our race day. It was cold and it rained all day long. However we didn’t skip the race. Once in the boat on the Amstel I didn’t feel the cold and rain because of the excitement and the physical exertion. We rowed two races: a 2500 meter and a 250 meter. Although we didn’t win the races we were quite satisfied with our results. We didn’t finish last on both races and we rowed quite decent times to our own standards, which is more than we had expected for this first race. So this day was a real ‘My First’ and a great Cold Satisfaction! I am looking foreward to the next race, which will be in May.

Source picture: http://www.esrtheta.nl/


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