51: Beer and Sports

No one will believe sports and alcoholic drinks go together. Drinking alcohol before you do sports will not improve your results. Your body will slow down, your reaction won’t be as effective, your judgement will fail. But I am glad manufacturors of alcoholic drinks do sponsor sport events. This weekend I participated in a rowing event on the river Amstel in Amsterdam. This regatta was sponsored by Heineken. It was a great event, well organized. At the finish there was a lot of advertisement for Heineken (of course). Alcoholic drinks and Sports do go together in this way, but I guess Heineken did not make good money on the rowers during the races. So the profit for them, to spent money on sponsoring this event, must come from another angle. The only explanation I could come up with, was building up their name. Heineken is a known brand all over the world, and keeping up that name requires advertisement.
Of course after the race you can still have a nice drink, so there was still some revenue on the drinks itself too!
It still sounds strange how a sporting event could tie their name to an alcoholic drink. It wouln’t be My First choice…

Source picture: http://www.nufoto.nl/fotos/197055/roeiwedstrijd-op-amstel-door-vereniging-nereus.html


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