50: 50!

This is a milestone for me, My First 50 posts are online! To be honest I am a little behind on my posts. I promised a post a day, so I should be on 62 by now. I’ll make it up. For now I am glad to have reached my 50th. Turning 50 is always a happening. In Holland we say: You have seen Abraham (or Sarah for women). So I guess my blog has seen Abraham!
I do hope my little posts don’t bore you by now. I still love writing them.
Missing some posts in the last weeks was not because of lack of inspiration, but just because I am a little busy, new function at work, starting my graduation project at school and taking the time for my sports. They take up a lot of my time, but also give me new inspiration for my writing!
Next to those activities I have a few plans which include a lot of ‘My Firsts’ in the upcoming weeks, so keep checking my blog for some new stories!

Source picture: http://www.jobirowinkel.nl/Verkeersbord-Hoera-50-Abraham


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