49: Spring Cleaning

Temperatures are rising, it is not freezing anymore, birds start singing their songs again, grass and hedges start growing, nature is waking up, the sun is modestly showing itself more and more, people are smiling more. This is the time of year to feel like starting all over again. Most people use this season to open their homes, let the fresh air flow in, and start cleaning everything. Spring Cleaning they call it. I felt like opening up my home as well. Fresh air makes everything look better, smell better, feel better. Today I did this and enjoyed these new emotions. And I almost had the urge to start Spring Cleaning my home. Luckily I came to my senses and was able to prevent my body from acting on that irrational thought. Why start cleaning your house when Spring comes? The theory is that this is a way of cleaning your mind as well. I’ll find another way to do that, a more likable way, like going to a festival, visiting friends, reading a good book, or writing. Cleaning my house is needed every now and than, but not mandatory connected to these Spring feelings. I’ll prospone the cleaning for now and use my time for school work and nicer things.

source picture: http://myblessedlife.net/2011/03/10-simple-spring-cleaning-tips.html


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