48: Unexplaned Glitter

I came home from work. First thing I always do is turn on the heating (of course when needed), throw my bags on the couch, and take off my coat. As I was going to sit down on my couch, I noticed something that wasn’t there when I left my home. I saw little flashing points on the floor, and as I looked closer I saw them on the couch as well. I saw them in the living room, the hall way, the kitchen and the bathroom. Almost everywhere I saw little lights flashing to me. It turned out to be glitters, like you’ll find in matellic paint of cars. I started wondering where these Unexplaned Glitters came from. They look like coming from a fairy tale. I wasn’t aware of the existence of fairies and fairy dust, although Tinker Bell from the movie Hook (played by Julia Roberts) may come to my house at any time!
Later I talked to my son, like I do almost every day. I asked him if he had visited my home. He has a key and the permission to do so. He told me he did. So I asked him why there is glitter all over my house. He told me he chilled in my house with a long-time girlfriend. I know this girl and also know she loves really girly things, like the colours purple and pink, make-up and glitters. So I realized I have an indicator for when my son brings her to my house! Nice to know, but being visited by Julia Roberts would have been better…

Source picture: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/hook/images/1936964/title/tinkerbell-julia-roberts-photo


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