59: BOUT

In the 80’s there was a special kind of dance place you could go to. They would play all the great songs from the 80’s, the new songs in those days. It was a place for young people to go to on a Saturday evening, to go dancing. But not just dancing like in any other disco. This was a Roller Disco and it was in Scheveningen. The dance floor was a roller track, everybody was wearing roller skates and was rolling to the music. All the rest was the same like any other Disco, the music, the crowd, the drinks, the fun, all great. I’ve never seen any other dance place like that since then. Until I went to My First Roller Bout in Rotterdam last weekend! This was a Roller Derby game, where two teams of lovely ladies were competing eachother on the track to score points. This is done by passing the other team members and to do this physical contact is used. Shoulder pushes, hip banging, elbow wrestling, it is al allowed. Not the same dancing I remembered, but great to watch! The music was a little diferent too, a little more Rock. Still I had a memory flash to the 80’s. The game was between the home team Deathrow Honeys and the visitors from Metz, France. It was the first international Bout in the Netherlands, so it wasn’t just My First. It was a great experience and something to go to again for sure. Great performance, ladies!

Source picture: Me!


58: Bootcamp Rotterdam

You know I do bootcamps regularly, once every one or two weeks. As I am not an experienced bootcamper, I do these bootcamps with an instructor and dear friend of mine, Ruth. Up until now these bootcamps were always in her hometown Moordrecht. This was convenient for her and gave other people who wanted it the oppertunity to join in. These bootcamps are always on Sundays. The last few weeks the Sundays were all taken by other obligations, so the bootcamps couldn’t take place. We decided to do some bootcamps on Tuesday evenings, and that these bootcamps should take place in Zuiderpark in Rotterdam. This is close to my home. The two reasons were that it would be nice to have a new surrounding and that a few of the interested people for joining in all live in Rotterdam or close to it. Last Tuesday was the First bootcamp in Rotterdam. Although Zuiderpark is a big park, we didn’t go far into it. We stopped at some fitness equipment in the park, which was placed by the City for everyone to use. It was such a nice place to do our exercises we decided to stay there for the whole bootcamp. I do thank the City of Rotterdam for investing in these wonderfull equipment. We did put them to good use!

Source picture: http://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/19-11-2012/gratis-fitness-zuiderpark-uitgebreid

57: Paleo Chicken

In my last post I told you about me buying an ovenproof dish to cook dinner for my friend. This post is about the meal itself. My friend suggested I could cook a Paleo dinner for her. So I looked it up on the internet and learned about the Paleo way of preparing a meal. This was a First for me. It all looked a little tasteless because of the things you have to leave out of the meal, like potatoes, rice, bread or pasta. I wasn’t sure it would turn out to be a nice dinner. At that point I decided not to be a Chicken, but to buy some Chicken for dinner. I chose a recepy for a nice chicken oven dish, paleo style, and started preparing the dish. The recepy was quite easy, so even an unexperienced cook like me could follow these instructions. After doing the preparations I put it in the ovenproof dish and in the oven. When my friend arrived the dish was almost ready and a nice smell of the meal filled up my house. The most exciting time was when she started eating it and told me it was delicious! And I had to agree, it was delicious. So I learned a few things. I am not a bad cook and a Paleo dinner can be very tasty!

Source picture: http://www.hetpaleoprincipe.nl/ovenschotel_kip.html

56: Ovenproof Dish

I am a man living alone, taking time for my son, having a busy job, studying in the evenings, doing sports and like to spent time with my friends. All this together gives me little time for home related activities like cooking. So most of the time I eat a ready-to-eat dinner from the grocery shop or convenience food from one of the many food shops in town. I hardly ever take the time to cook a dinner. This only happens when my son is staying over. For that case I do have some cooking equipment. What I didn’t have in my kitchen so far was an Ovenproof Dish. I never had the urge to cook an oven made dish. This week I had a friend over to go sprting together and I promised her to make dinner. This was the time for me to try an oven dish. So for the First time ever I bought me an Ovenproof Dish, without knowing if I was able to prepare an oven dish. Buying this Ovenproof Dish and promising my friend a good meal were the drive for me to try it anyway, with the risk of spoiling dinner for both me and my friend. This post is about me buying the Ovenproof Dish. How the oven dish turned out is my next First in my next post! See you there.

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55: Goodbye and Birth

birth and death
A few days ago my internet modem stopt working. And even after resetting it a few times, which usually solves the problem, it still didn’t work. At that point I realized how much the internet is a part of our lives these days, and how much it consumes our time. I also realized how little I missed the internet. I got some extra time to do other things which I was planning on doing for a long time, like reading a good book. But I couldn’t leave the situation like it was, because I do use the internet a lot, for work, for school and for my social contacts. So I called the helpdesk of KPN and after a few tests from their end they offered to replace the modem and declared it death… At this point I started thinking about what to do with the remaines of my modem, which was a loyal friend to me for the last four years. Today the service guy from KPN came to bring a new modem, like the stork brings a new baby. A new modem was born! He asked me what I wanted to do with the old, deceased modem. I decided to donate its remaines to science and let him take it with him in a box. After these emotional events I’m back online again!

Source picture: http://www.gitagroup.org/2012/07/achieve-only-repeated-birth-and-death.html#!/2012/07/achieve-only-repeated-birth-and-death.html

54: World News

Todays World News was not the first time I experienced it, and it won’t be the last time either. Still, the election of a new Pope is a unique happening. How they hold on to ancient procedures and old fashion ways of doing things, can be commented on. Time is moving on, the world is changing, technology is moving foreward, new features are introduced and widely excepted. But the election of a new Pope is done exactly the same way as they did it hundreds of years ago: With pieces of paper and the burning of them to create a certain colour of smoke. I think it is awsome these old ways still are being used. The moment of reveiling the new Pope to the world was a first for me. It happened during class for my graduation project. Because our teacher didn’t want to miss this moment, we watched it live in the classroom. So we lost half the time to the Pope. I should be disapointed about losing contact time with my teacher, but to be honest I’m glad I saw this historic moment live on TV. Next time a new Pope will be elected I’ll try not to be at school at the same time.

Source picture: http://www.nodeju.com/

53: Random Factor

Random, now what is that exactly? The word means an unpredictable outcome, something you can’t know in advance, something you can’t reproduce a second time. This post is about this strange word. It starts with ‘Ran’, which is the past tense for Run. So it implies getting to the outcome might be a race, you have to be quick about it. And it has already happened… The second half is ‘Dom’, which in Dutch means stupid or ignorant. So getting a random outcome is a mindless run in the past. Or maybe ‘to’ the past. Which would be impossible according to the way we explain the laws of nature. But maybe we don’t take the ‘Random Factor’ in account when we try to understand nature. For instance: Time. We assume time is something that continues forever and a point in time comes only once and can never be returned to. Is that really the case? Believing this makes life more simple to understand, but there are still some phenomena which are unexplained. Maybe using the ‘Random Factor’ these can be explained. Thinking about these things makes me creative, sorry if I’ve bored you with it. I do hope you like trying to follow my thoughts!

Source picture: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/sudoku-random-criss-crossed-lines-ron-brown.html