47: Proud Father

No, I am not going to tell you this is My First time I am proud of my son, and certainly not I’m in need of a paternity test to prove I am his father, but there is a First in this post! Today I went to bootcamp, as I do regularly lately. Only this time Peter went with me for the first time. That is a First for him. I convinced him it would be great to do a bootcamp and it will be good for him too. My instructor Ruth was excited and addapted the training program for him. He did great! Although he had some trouble with his knee, he stayed the course and did all the exercises! He made his father super proud! Well done! And he loved doing it, so he said. He wants to come more often. Nice! After the training I realized this was My First time doing any kind of sport with my son. I did go and see him at other sports, like soccer school, but actually never did sports together with him. So I am not only proud of his perserverence, but I am also glad we found yet another way to spend time together. Looking forward to next time!

Source picture: http://www.markitthing.com/proud/


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