46: Two Tries

This weekend I had my son Peter over. He always comes over for the weekend every now and than whenever he feels like it. This is how my ex and I agreed on. It is aways his choice to be with me whenever he wants. Luckily he is with me a lot! This time we decided to go and have some quality time together. We picked an oldtimer museum to go to. Peter loves cars, he has always loved them ever since he was a very little boy. So any trip which involves cars in any way, he’ll love it. This car museum is in Oostvoorne. On the website we found out it is open on Saturdays, even in the Winter months! But as we arrived we saw the museum was closed after all. It opens again at the end of March… Bad luck. Peter googled in the car and found another oldtimer museum, this one is in Dordrecht. We drove there, and found it. But this one turned out to be a car dealer… Bad luck again. This was the first time for me I went to two museums in one day and never saw the inside of both of them.
After these two tries we decided to go home again. In the end we drove 100 km and had a great time together in the car. We never saw any old cars, besides the two we saw on the highway, but still we had a great day! I hope we have a lot more of these days!

Source picture: http://www.philseed.com/mus-rijke.html


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