44: Busy Musketeer

I went to Rock ‘n Roll dancing, like every sunday. So I, d’Artangnan, took this challenge, put on my daily suit, left my sword at home, rode on (in) my steel horse, picked up my dance partner (Michaëlla Jackson…) and her friend (GI Jane…) and went to go dancing. Entering the dance hall I saw the others were already there, Elvis Presley (twice?), Little Red Riding Hood, a skelleton, a few clowns, and many more.
The dance routines were practiced and we even learned two new moves. In fact we learned a whole new dance as well, The Forbidden Dance. Doing this Forbidden Dance I realized I knew this dance. I had seen it in movie clips from the Playboy Mansion… It was called the Bunny Hop.
During dance practice we had to change partners. This was a strange sight, seeing all kind of characters dancing with each other. I, d’Artagnan, danced with all the female characters, and loved it. It was quite a busy evening.
I guess Rock’n Roll dancing is of all ages and practiced in all times. And that’s not surprising, it is adictive!
I can’t wait for next practice

Source picture: http://www.fairfield-city.org/events/index.cfm?MonthChange=None&eventid=29602&LastDate=10%2F17%2F2012


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