43: Efficiency and Effectiveness

In management language the terms Effectiveness and Efficiency are oftenly used. They both tell something about how to do things better.
As the saying goes: Efficiency is doing things right and Effectivness is doing the right things. Sometimes they are hard to keep apart.
Today I was in class for my graduation project and we were talking about these terms. We determined these words don’t really say that much. They don’t tell us how to do the right things right, how much we can benefit from it, or how well things get better. Without a context, or quantification these words in itself don’t say anything. So we were given the challenge to explaine our graduation assignments without using the words Efficiency or Effectiveness. This turned out to be harder than we imagined. It seems managers love to use these words, probably so they don’t have to be specific in what they really want. Maybe you can help me! How can you say it more specific when you want to tell someone you want to be more Effective or when you want to achieve more Efficiency? I’ve tried it, but always automaticly fall back to using the forbidden words. I hope you can do better and want to tell me! Thanks in advance!

Source picture: http://www.myproductivitytools.com/what-we-need-to-do-before-start-doing/


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