42: Two Tones

As I told you in earlier blogs, I started a Rock ‘n Roll dance class this year. I’m having lots of fun learning the moves and getting to know lots of new people. To learn the moves you have to practice a lot, first of all during the dance classes, but also outside these classes. A good practice is to go and see more experienced dancers in action. So I went with my regular dance partner Liora to a Rock ‘n Roll dance party for the first time, organized by dance school Dance-To-The-Sixties. At this party the band The 2-Tones was playing. And we ended up not only watching the others dance, but also practiced our new learned moves to the tunes of 2-Tones, who did play a little more than just two tones.
The band was playing their songs a little faster than we were used to in the classes, so we had to pick up the paste. We were struggling with this in the beginning, but did get it right as the evening progressed. All together we had a great rocking evening and even improved our skills!
Looking forward to the next party!

Source picture: http://www.dancetothesixties.com/


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