41: Spring Already

We have had a few weeks of cold weather, freezing nights, snow on and off, scratching car windows in the morning (one time even after work!). This week the temperatures are rising again. No more below zero, all snow is gone, the open waters are melting again. It is still February, so colder weather can still surprise us. But today I saw the first crocusses popping up. I thought: Is it Spring already? I heard people on Facebook complaining about their Hay Fever, birds are singing again. I like this time of year (not for the people with Hay Fever…), I hope it lasts a long time. Spring is always a nice time. People are cheering up, nature starts to wake up. I can’t wait for the trees and bushes to get their leaves again. Let the Spring begin! But, as I said, it is still February. Winter can still catch up. If it does, let there be snow. I like that about Winter.
As I think about it, I do like every season. They all have their own special aspects. But I always like the next season more, and hope it comes soon.
I guess I like the change the most. This fits my preference to starting projects over playing them out. I like the freshness. I realy did realize this while writing this post. So it’s ‘My First’ I realized this, and it is also ‘My First’ I realized anything while writing a post…

Source picture: http://www.nationalgeographic.nl/fotografie/foto/heel-veel-crocussen


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