40: Changing Colours

Kleurentest Caluwe
Today I filled out my first test of the Changing Colours of Caluwe. I say ‘my first’ with a reason, because I plan on doing the test again a little later. I made the test before reading the theory behind it. So I just answered the questions without knowing what they are for or what I can expect from them. When I answered 2 of the 12 questions, however, I already noticed a pattern. And the rest of the questions I could answer with an outcome in mind. So I think the test is not really reliable. The picture is the actual outcome of my test. The transparent columns next to my score represent the (Dutch) national average.
You can see I am a blue changer, so I like to design, plan and organize my changes. This I recognize in myself for just a little. My second colour is red, wich means I like to approach changes from the soft side of an organisation, the human side. In fact I don’t think I am a red changer, I wish I was.
That explaines what happened. I filled out the questions the way I wanted to be, not how I really am. That’s the downfall of noticing a pattern. I hope I can find a better test which I can do after reading the theory. I can compare the two tests and get a better view of my Changing Colours!
For now I’m going to change from writing to stop writing this post, which was actually planned, so a blue change!

Source picture: http://www.tg.nl/verandermanagement


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