39: Binairy thinking

Today we tried to solve a problem at school. Four groups of students are working on an assignment. So four assignments are being made. To learn from each others struggles and mistakes the students get to review the work from the other groups and comment on them. The goal is; when you can figure out what the other group can do better, or has done wrong, you won’t make the same mistake in your own work.
The assignment was to devide review tasks to students to review each others work.
The outline: There are four groups of students, three consist of 2 students and one ‘group’ is just one person.
The object: Everybody has to review the work of one group, and every group has to be reviewed by two persons.
The problem: how to devide the review tasks between the four groups and seven persons.
We tried to find the solution using binairy thinking.
The picture shows the final result! (an arrows comes from the reviewer [student] and points to the reviewed [group]) But there is a fault in the solution, can you find it?
And can you give the right answer? We couldn’t find it…

Source picture: Me!


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