38: Still Drunk

I’ve never understood those guys who come to work on Monday having a hangover or even still being drunk. How can you have a drink Sunday night and still be drunk the next morning. I never understood that stupidity, and I didn’t understand it could be possible. I always thought they were faking it, so they could call in sick.
I had never had an experience like that. Untill yesterday. I told you about the RAM festival I went to. I did drink a few beers there, and the beers were served in plastic glasses. Because I don’t drink that often, I got more than a little drunk this time.
So when I woke up next morning I tried to get out of bed and start the day. My mind said: Yes, but my body had some problems. The world was still spinning, I couldn’t focus, wobbled through my house. It wasn’t a hangover, I had no headache. I was just still drunk. So I ended up doing my daily things anyway, just with some delay. I was wondering how long this state would last, but wasn’t sure I realy wanted it to end…
I still don’t understand the guys who choose to get that drunk on a Sunday, when you know you have to go to work the next day. But I resolved the possibility of waking up drunk!
Until next time!

Source picture: http://oronieuws.blogspot.com/2008_12_21_archive.html


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