37: Floating People

I told you about my adventure at the RAM festival in my last blog. It was a major First for me, just being there. Another First was to witness something I had only heard about, read about or saw in movie clips. People floating on the crowd, Crowd Surfing. I have always wondered about this, about the phisics of it. I guess you need a large enough crowd to be able to float on the people. And all people must work with you, otherwise you would fall. Working along is also important if you don’t want to get hurt yourself, as a bystander, by the sweeping limbs of the floating person.
At the RAM festival I saw another important factor for succes. The crowd as to be dense enough. The crowd was not always that dense, and the floating people fell down into the gaps in between. This can be even dangerous, they ended up having a hard confrontation with the concrete floor.
I think I’ll pass if they ask me to be one of the floating people!

Source picture: Me!


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