36: Comfort Zone

Yesterday I did something that was much more than just a little outside of my Comfort Zone. I was invited to come to the Rotterdam Alternative Music festival (RAM). I was warned it is a little more rough than you would expect. My most rough musical encouter so far has been a concert of Bruce Springsteen in ‘De Kuip’. The second warning was the ticket I got for the festival. The number of my ticket started with ‘666’, which I saw as a sign for a ‘lovely’ evening. At the festival I was amazed by the music and the crowd. They were even more rough than I had imagined. I tried to do some dance steps I learned at Rock ‘n Roll dancing and even the ones I used to take, dancing to the music from the 80’s (my favourit!). With some songs it worked, but most songs didn’t fit to the steps. I was trully out of my Comfort Zone, and to be honest… I liked it!
Maybe if I go to these festivals and other music events with simular music, I would get used to the ambiance. But I hope not, because I really liked being out of my Comfort Zone, flapping like a fish on dry land, trying to move to the music. I guess a lot of people laughed looking at me, and I’m glad I did put that smile on their faces. I’m affraid if I do get into my Comfort Zone, I wouldn’t enjoy these evenings as much as I did.
So I’m looking forward to the next evening getting out of my Comfort Zone!

Source picture: Me!


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