34: Seventh Heaven

When you experience something you really like, you are in Seventh Heaven. That’s the saying. And being in Seventh Heaven makes you the happiest you can be. So everybody is trying to find ways to get to Seventh Heaven. Let’s imagine you get to Seventh Heaven. What’s next? What will you do there? Will you be able to be at ease and stop wanting anything more? Isn’t that almost the same as stop living? In my opinion it is. So trying to get to Seventh Heaven means you are trying to stop living. I, for one, did stop trying to find Seventh Heaven. I am trying to find, what I call, Sixth Heaven. This is a very happy state in which you still have some dreams, some desires, something to live for. Seventh Heaven is a Utopia for me, Sixth Heaven is my real goal. How about you?
But before we get there, let’s get to First Heaven first.

Source Picture: http://www.gevelstenen.net/kerninventarisatie/plaatsenNed/Harderwijk.htm


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