33: The Other Exit

This morning started like any other monday morning. Getting up, going to work, getting stuck in traffic, being a little late a work. Nothing alarming. Even the coffee was as awfull as any other day. The first meeting I had this morning was with my manager, he wanted to discuss some priorities with me. I was counting on getting inquired about making some wrong choice in the past days. But it turned out to be something different. Apparently the department I left six months ago is not doing that well. So my manager had a new task for me.
Back then I was responsible for coordinating the department. Due to a change in the organisation I was given the choice to choose my next exit; to continu the coordination of this department, or to become a technical consultant. I chose the latter. Now my manager is asking me to come back on that choice and take the other exit to become the manager of the department. Being not just responsibe for coordination, but also for its contribution to the company and for making the right strategic choices.
This is a good opportunity for me, although I have to go back six months and change my choice. I guess being flexible will be the best choice in these economic tough times. I’ll make the best of it!

Source picture: http://www.sixsigma.nl/artikelen/lean-six-sigma-succes-is-een-keuze


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