32: Colouring Tiles

In my last blog (31) I mentioned I was painting a tile floor. When I was writing that blog, I realized that was a First for me too. Usually I’ll be putting carpet or planking on a floor. Once I did put tiles on a wooden bathroom floor, this was a challenge, because I didn’t want the joints to crack. Eventuelly they did… But this time the tiles needed another colour, so I decided to paint them. Looking for the right paint, I found out tiles are not easy to paint. Especially floor tiles. However, I did find a solution. It is a primer to be put on the tiles before you can paint them. It makes the paint adhere better. It needed a drying period of 16 hours. After that the paint needed to be put on in two layers, each with a drying period of at least 6 hours. So when you decide to paint your tile floor, be sure to plan an entire weekend for it. And take precousions if the tile floor is in your toilet. Hope you succeed!

Source picture: http://www.houseswd.com/instructions-on-how-to-paint-ceramic-tile/


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