30: Fast lane

Today I went to the District Town Hall to renew my driver license. Once every ten years I have to do this. I never look forward to go to the Town Hall and try to get something arranged. There’s always a very long line of people waiting. And when you get your turn, you need a lot of explaining to get the counter employee to understand what you want. I guess that is the reason the waiting lines are that long, I see some causality. And these days you have to make an appointment before you can come to the Town Hall.
With heavy shoes I entered the Town Hall five minutes before my appointment, counting on at least an hour before I get my turn and get everything explained.
But to my surprise I got my turn two minutes after entering the building, despite the waiting line. I felt I was in the fast lane. And the counter employee already knew what I was coming for! I was in and out of the Town Hall in ten minutes. I am still a little shocked about it, but very pleased also. I guess improving your process is possible, even for government officials. Chapeau!

Source picture: http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/dpc32-picturing-song-part-ii_topic15168_page2.html


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