47: Proud Father

No, I am not going to tell you this is My First time I am proud of my son, and certainly not I’m in need of a paternity test to prove I am his father, but there is a First in this post! Today I went to bootcamp, as I do regularly lately. Only this time Peter went with me for the first time. That is a First for him. I convinced him it would be great to do a bootcamp and it will be good for him too. My instructor Ruth was excited and addapted the training program for him. He did great! Although he had some trouble with his knee, he stayed the course and did all the exercises! He made his father super proud! Well done! And he loved doing it, so he said. He wants to come more often. Nice! After the training I realized this was My First time doing any kind of sport with my son. I did go and see him at other sports, like soccer school, but actually never did sports together with him. So I am not only proud of his perserverence, but I am also glad we found yet another way to spend time together. Looking forward to next time!

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46: Two Tries

This weekend I had my son Peter over. He always comes over for the weekend every now and than whenever he feels like it. This is how my ex and I agreed on. It is aways his choice to be with me whenever he wants. Luckily he is with me a lot! This time we decided to go and have some quality time together. We picked an oldtimer museum to go to. Peter loves cars, he has always loved them ever since he was a very little boy. So any trip which involves cars in any way, he’ll love it. This car museum is in Oostvoorne. On the website we found out it is open on Saturdays, even in the Winter months! But as we arrived we saw the museum was closed after all. It opens again at the end of March… Bad luck. Peter googled in the car and found another oldtimer museum, this one is in Dordrecht. We drove there, and found it. But this one turned out to be a car dealer… Bad luck again. This was the first time for me I went to two museums in one day and never saw the inside of both of them.
After these two tries we decided to go home again. In the end we drove 100 km and had a great time together in the car. We never saw any old cars, besides the two we saw on the highway, but still we had a great day! I hope we have a lot more of these days!

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45: Spring Dip

This week I experienced something I haven’t experienced for a long time. I had a ‘down’ week. This week I didn’t feel like I felt the last few months. I was feeling better and better lately due to new friends, taking up sport, doing things I didn’t do before and liking it very much. But this week that feeling wasn’t there. I have heared about people having these kind of periodes at the end of winter. This is due to the lack of sunlight and fresh air. Because of the winter weather people stay inside and don’t catch the necessary rays from the sun. Even from behind the clouds these rays get to you and nourish your body and mind. This feeling is called a Spring Dip. But to be honest, I do come outside a lot, so a lack of sun rays can’t be my problem. Then there is the situation at my work, it is getting busier and more stressfull. That could play a part in it too. Today I decided to stop feeling bad and start feeling good again. And it worked! You realy can influence your feeling by just choosing to do so. The mind is a powerfull instrument. I did know this, but experiencing it is even more convincing. You should try it too! Good luck

Source picture: http://christ-off.deviantart.com/art/Spring-depression-118450641

44: Busy Musketeer

I went to Rock ‘n Roll dancing, like every sunday. So I, d’Artangnan, took this challenge, put on my daily suit, left my sword at home, rode on (in) my steel horse, picked up my dance partner (Michaëlla Jackson…) and her friend (GI Jane…) and went to go dancing. Entering the dance hall I saw the others were already there, Elvis Presley (twice?), Little Red Riding Hood, a skelleton, a few clowns, and many more.
The dance routines were practiced and we even learned two new moves. In fact we learned a whole new dance as well, The Forbidden Dance. Doing this Forbidden Dance I realized I knew this dance. I had seen it in movie clips from the Playboy Mansion… It was called the Bunny Hop.
During dance practice we had to change partners. This was a strange sight, seeing all kind of characters dancing with each other. I, d’Artagnan, danced with all the female characters, and loved it. It was quite a busy evening.
I guess Rock’n Roll dancing is of all ages and practiced in all times. And that’s not surprising, it is adictive!
I can’t wait for next practice

Source picture: http://www.fairfield-city.org/events/index.cfm?MonthChange=None&eventid=29602&LastDate=10%2F17%2F2012

43: Efficiency and Effectiveness

In management language the terms Effectiveness and Efficiency are oftenly used. They both tell something about how to do things better.
As the saying goes: Efficiency is doing things right and Effectivness is doing the right things. Sometimes they are hard to keep apart.
Today I was in class for my graduation project and we were talking about these terms. We determined these words don’t really say that much. They don’t tell us how to do the right things right, how much we can benefit from it, or how well things get better. Without a context, or quantification these words in itself don’t say anything. So we were given the challenge to explaine our graduation assignments without using the words Efficiency or Effectiveness. This turned out to be harder than we imagined. It seems managers love to use these words, probably so they don’t have to be specific in what they really want. Maybe you can help me! How can you say it more specific when you want to tell someone you want to be more Effective or when you want to achieve more Efficiency? I’ve tried it, but always automaticly fall back to using the forbidden words. I hope you can do better and want to tell me! Thanks in advance!

Source picture: http://www.myproductivitytools.com/what-we-need-to-do-before-start-doing/

42: Two Tones

As I told you in earlier blogs, I started a Rock ‘n Roll dance class this year. I’m having lots of fun learning the moves and getting to know lots of new people. To learn the moves you have to practice a lot, first of all during the dance classes, but also outside these classes. A good practice is to go and see more experienced dancers in action. So I went with my regular dance partner Liora to a Rock ‘n Roll dance party for the first time, organized by dance school Dance-To-The-Sixties. At this party the band The 2-Tones was playing. And we ended up not only watching the others dance, but also practiced our new learned moves to the tunes of 2-Tones, who did play a little more than just two tones.
The band was playing their songs a little faster than we were used to in the classes, so we had to pick up the paste. We were struggling with this in the beginning, but did get it right as the evening progressed. All together we had a great rocking evening and even improved our skills!
Looking forward to the next party!

Source picture: http://www.dancetothesixties.com/

41: Spring Already

We have had a few weeks of cold weather, freezing nights, snow on and off, scratching car windows in the morning (one time even after work!). This week the temperatures are rising again. No more below zero, all snow is gone, the open waters are melting again. It is still February, so colder weather can still surprise us. But today I saw the first crocusses popping up. I thought: Is it Spring already? I heard people on Facebook complaining about their Hay Fever, birds are singing again. I like this time of year (not for the people with Hay Fever…), I hope it lasts a long time. Spring is always a nice time. People are cheering up, nature starts to wake up. I can’t wait for the trees and bushes to get their leaves again. Let the Spring begin! But, as I said, it is still February. Winter can still catch up. If it does, let there be snow. I like that about Winter.
As I think about it, I do like every season. They all have their own special aspects. But I always like the next season more, and hope it comes soon.
I guess I like the change the most. This fits my preference to starting projects over playing them out. I like the freshness. I realy did realize this while writing this post. So it’s ‘My First’ I realized this, and it is also ‘My First’ I realized anything while writing a post…

Source picture: http://www.nationalgeographic.nl/fotografie/foto/heel-veel-crocussen