29: International passed

Today I ended my project International Business for my Bachelor education. This was a course of choice in which we had to give advice on setting up a hub in three international ports. We did the report with a team of six students.
The final step was to defend our report to the facilitators. These were our lecturor and his co-worker, at his employees office. This was the first time for me to end a project at the office of a company. It is a large shipping company for chemical liquids. They sail to international ports all over the world. Their office is a dignified building in the heart of Rotterdam. While we were discussing the report and our experiences they treated us to a nice dinner. The final verdict on our report? We got a 7, so we passsed! I’m ready for the next project.

Source Picture: http://www.portcities.org.uk/london/server/show/conMediaFile.4190/The-chemical-tanker-Stolt-Emerald-(1986).html


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