28: IKEA left over

Building a closet from IKEA is a challenge for some, and a walk in the park for others. The key is to follow the building plans and do exactly what’s on the drawings in those plans. Usually everything is there, and not a lot will be left over when you’re finished. I have very good experiences with IKEA closets and other furniture. This time I made a nice closet. And when I was finished the closet was as it should. But when I looked at what was left over, I was shocked. I had a few dozen items left. All nails, screws and other small metall items. This was the first time for me I was left with a lot of items. I checked the closet and the drawings again, but everything fitted. I guess IKEA was generous this time. Nice!

Source picture: http://www.moreforbrands.nl/2012/11/05/de-klant-is-koning/


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