27: First One

Last week I listened to Veronica Radio. They were broadcasting the TOP 880 of the 80’s. This is my favourit period in regard of a lot of things, but mostly in regard to music. I was a teenager in those days, so I have a lot of fond memories. When the week was progressing towards the number one of the 80’s, I learned it was a song from the Irish band U2. This made me think there’s a lot of firsts, or ‘One’s, in that. First of all they are number one, the firsts in the lists. There song is called ‘One’, which actually is not the first, I know at least one other band with a song called ‘One’, Metellica. The name of the band has only one letter, U, and one number, 2, in it. ThereĀ is not one woman in the band. And the first time I heard the song was when it was number one in the charts. I was amazed by this thought and wanted to write it down immediately. I made a note of it so I wouldn’t forget. Saturday number one was up, and to my surprise it was U2, but with their song ‘With Or Without You’. Nice song, but it made this blog irrelevant… See you tomorrow, hopefully with some more relevance.

Source picture: http://www.musicroom.com/se/id_no/0450823/details.html


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