26: Global contradiction

It has been a big issue for a couple of decades now. A lot of research is done to make inventory of all causes and consequences. Scientists did put a lot of time in convincing the world of their findings. What went wrong? What could we have done better? What can we do now to stop it? Can we oversee the consequences? I am talking about Global Warming. The environmental topic of the last 20 years. Everybody is talking about how the earth is warming up, climats are shifting, species are becoming extinct or moving to colder parts of the world.
But as I look at the winters here in the Netherlands I realized for the first time it doesn’t fit!
I see the opposite happening. A contradiction between my findings and that of the scientists. The freezing periods are getting longer and colder. Snow falls more often and stays longer. The last two weeks we had snow continuously. This hasn’t happened a lot in the last 10 years. It looks like the winters are getting colder. So if the earth is warming up, and the winters are getting colder, the summers must be getting warmer. Or the scientists live in another world than we do.
Can someone please tell me: Is it getting warmer or we are just getting colder….

Source picture: http://www.examiner.com/article/meteorologists-continue-to-challenge-global-warming-theory


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