25: Clean Sport

We’ve all seen it somewhere on the news, heard it on the radio or read the posts on the numerous websites: Lance Armstrong admitted to using all kinds of doping during his cycling career. The use of doping is most visible in the cycling sport. Not because of physical characteristics, but because of the media attention. The cycling sport has suffered a lot from both, the abuse of doping and the exposure in the media.
But something good comes from it also. The focus now is on clean sport, accomplishing without the aid of chemicals and other non-natural substances.
And the focus is not just in the cycling sport. Other sports are drawing attention to the problem also.
For the first time I was asked to sign a Clean Sport Contract by the rowing team leader. Without this contract I’m not allowed to participate in the upcoming races. There is no evidence of big abuse of doping in the rowing sport, but the signal is more important. The signal says: this sport is clean, and all participants sign for it. This gives me a good feeling. I’d rather lose fairly than win by cheating and the risk of phisical harm to myself.
So I applaud this initiative from the National Rowing Association (KNRB)! Now back to training, we are defending our national title….

Source picture: https://twitter.com/CompeteClean


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