24: Wireless anaesthesia

Today I actually had two firsts. I visited a friend in the hospital. She just had an operation in her stomach area. She is allergic to painkillers, so the docters had to find a way to help her ease the pain after the operation. The solution was to keep the epidural on for the next 72 hours after the operation. This was my first first of today. I never thought an epidural could be used for that. Modern health care has come a long way!
The second first was even more strange (to me). The continuous anaesthesia kept just a part of her body sedated, from her diaphragm down to her knees. The strange part was that she did feel her feet! So the nerves in her feet managed to get signals to her brain through the sedated area. I checked, there was no wireless connection, no antennas, no smoking signals, so sound waves between her feet and her head. The human body is a wonder with unexpected solutions. Solutions I’ll never understand. I’ll go wondering about it some more. See you!

Source picture: http://www.foothill.edu/news/wireless.php


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